Builders win.
Builders: are you in your comfort zone up on a roof, laying down glass at lightening speeds with a level of craftsmanship that sets the bar for quality? Have you installed at least 30 solar or battery systems in the last year? Are you licensed, insured and bonded? Do you have a passion for delighting customers?Then Switchboard Energy might be right for you! We recruit top installers to work independently, we equip them with the tools they need to get their job done, and we allow them to focus on what they do best: installation.

What we offer:

  • Pipeline of deals coming in
  • Outsourced design / plans
  • Quality control
  • Project management
  • Software
  • Project management services Customer satisfaction reviews
  • Get paid fast and fairly
  • Distribution partner with credit terms
We don’t just sign up anyone, we only accept the highest quality partners within our ecosystem to ensure an excellent customer experience. Apply today to become a Switchboard Builder.