Choice, savings, lifestyle: Switchboard

Smart energy goes beyond solar plus storage, by enlightening the inside of your home with lighting controls, music on voice demand and smart thermostats that can save hundreds of dollars each year. This is the WOW factor that is sure to impress and what sets Switchboard apart from other solar companies.

How It Works

You already have a long term contract with your utility for energy. Your electricity rates change 3-4 times per year and generally the price you pay for power goes up at over 5% per year. Now you have a choice on where your power comes from, how to manage that power to your benefit, and to make your home more intelligent for everyday comforts.


Your home has an enormous amount of unused potential and we mean to change that. We install solar panels on your roof to generate power, we install a battery in your garage so you can store energy for usage at optimal times and we enlighten your home so you can control lighting, music, thermostat and more in an intelligent way.

Let's talk about savings.


A normal American home will utilize the majority of its energy from 5pm to 10pm.

Power Production

Your solar system can produce power for approximately 5 hours per day sometime between 10am to 7pm.

The Kicker

Utilities either offer or impose time-of-use (TOU) rate schedules on solar customers, meaning you pay higher rates during the day than you do at night.

Solar plus storage takes advantage of these conditions! You can charge your battery from the grid when electricity rates are low, produce power and send it to the grid when rates are high, and discharge your battery when your solar system is no longer producing power, but rates are still high. In effect, you’ve created your own arbitrage system of generating your own power and utilizing it in the most efficient way.

Most customers save approximately 20% in the first year of their installation. Those savings will increase year after year as utility rates increase.

The Kicker

Solar energy and battery technology has never been as affordable as it is today. Now is the time to generate your own power and manage your home more intelligently.

Your photons, your way.

Batteries store electricity generated by solar panels during the day and makes that power available to your home in the evening. This bridges the gap between production and consumption, allowing you to use your photons when you need them.

Kick utilities to the curb.

Combine solar panels and home batteries to power your home independently from the utility grid. A net zero energy rating means that your home produces as much energy as it consumes, but is still connected to the utility grid for periods of high demand.

Not in my house.

In the event of a utility outage, a battery can power your critical energy loads. When installed with solar panels, a battery will allow your home to use solar generated electricity during a utility outage.